Conference "Labor reforms: what’s coming next?"

Vendredi 8 décembre à 19h.
Rue Plétinckx 19, 1000 Bruxelles.
English and French simulultaneous interpretation.
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Alter Summit

Despite important resistances, governments of various European countries have implemented important reforms attacking labor codes. These reforms are in fact merely prolonging the project of national governments and European institutions to radically change relations and the status of work with a hyper-flexibility of work, i. e. the precariousness of workers, the downward pressure on wages of the most stable workers and an attack on unionism.

Faced with these trends, conflicts against the „lois travail“ have crystallized parallel movements: trade union mobilization, citizen mobilization, questioning of work and neoliberal society through various channels (actions, videos, electronic petitions, etc.). These same conflicts have also shown how difficult it is - despite multiple mobilizations - to repel these attacks at national level and to link national struggles at European level.

Based on five experiences of resistance (in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Spain), we want to discuss some of the key issues the social, trade union and political movements are facing in the longer term.

What strategy remains for trade unionism to renew in a new form its history of a broad social movement, from which it emerged in the mid-19th century? Will the current configuration of the balance of power push it to defend its status in the national institutional game or, on the contrary, will it manage to build broader mobilizations, articulated at the European level, where trade unions and social movements are associated?

19:00: Start

  • Introduction: by Alter Summit

19:10 – 19:40: Elements of prospective analysis

  • Which labor relationship are we heading toward?


  • Werner Rügemer, aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht, Germany
  • Giulia Frosecchi, University of Trento, Italy

19:40 – 20:30: Trade unionists panel

  • How to build an effective strategy for the coming years?


  • Verveine Angeli, Solidaires, France
  • Laurent Pirnay, CGSP Wallonne, Belgium
  • Mikel Noval/ Laura Gonzalez de Txabarri, ELA, Spain
  • Gabriele Sterkel, Ver.di, Germany

20:30 – 21:30: Discussion with the public

21:30 – 22:00: Exchange between speakers

22:00: End

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